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Global NPN LogoI’ve had these e-certificates for 30 day trials with NPN I’ve been trying to give away for quite some time now. I currently only have two left at the moment and I’m hoping this Blog post will help me get the other ones out there so I can purchase more. I think using the e-certificates provided by The New Plan Network is a great way to build your business online, here is NPN proof of payment.

Why would you even want to try Global NPN out for 30 days? Do you even know who they are, or what services they provide? If you are into online marketing and cheap business opportunities like myself, then NPN is something you should definitely take a look at.

Here are the services provided by The New Plan Network, (only $10.75 a month for these online marketing tools):

  • Auto-responder system with unlimited lists (plus level), broadcasts, follow ups, and subscribers.
  • Create your own capture pages for your lists.
  • Unlimited ad trackers (plus level).
  • Multi-sponder auto responder system to do custom follow ups with up to 10 different businesses. Just add names and e-mail addresses, no double opt-in required.
  • Multi-sponder system, buy leads from anywhere, import them to promote any business opportunity URL you want.
  • Multi-program down line builder, promote up to 3 of your favorite business opportunities and all the people you refer to Global NPN will have the ability sign up under you.
  • URL rotators, advertise any number of links using just one.
  • NPN leads blaster, just enter e-mail addresses and with one click your prospects have been sent a personalized letter promoting your Global NPN referral link.
  • Banner rotators that rotate up to 3 of your banners throughout NPN’s entire member network.
  • NPN internal messenger, browser tool bar, instant messenger, and community chat rooms are a few more member benefits of NPN.

You can see that for only $10.75 a month with a 30 day free trial how Global NPN can benefit your current business’s online marketing needs. I haven’t even started to discuss the benefits of The New Plan Network’s Compensation Plan. At the $10.75 level, you only need to refer two paying members to be out of the red and into the black. You could easily pull this off during your 30 day trial. What do you think?

I want to quickly go over the benefits of promoting Global NPN as an affiliate:

  • You only need to refer 2 paying members to make money in NPN.
  • NPN offers an e-certificate program where you can buy your referrals just by offering them a 30 day trial (like I’m offering to you).
  • NPN pays out a 50% monthly commission every single month like clockwork.
  • NPN has a 5×5 matrix compensation plan, this means you will get spillover from affiliates above you.
  • NPN has a referral placement system to help the people below you that aren’t doing as well have members you refer placed under them in the matrix.
  • 100% monthly matching bonuses on all your personal sales.
  • NPN has a ladder system where you start off at $10.75 a month, but you can build yourself all the way up to $199.97 a month. This means you could potentially make $150.00 a month off of one member in your down line (this is completely optional).

Are you liking The New Plan Network or what? If you want to find out more info about NPN, watch The New Plan Network Flash Presentation to go into further detail. If you like Global NPN, take a look at more recommended cheap online business opportunities and let me know what you think of them.

**Disclaimer – Affiliate links are used on this post.


  1. ad placement says:

    This site is a great advertising tool.

  2. Hi
    As a leader in Global NPN I can certainly agree with all the above comments. Global NPN is a fantastic opportunity and it is so easy to bring people into the business because of the low price and awesome internet marketing tools. If you are thinking of joining NPN you would be mad to pass up the free 30 day trial what is offered here.

    Go for it I guarantee you will not regret it, I should know because I have built a good team under me in a very short period of time.

    Alan Stockdale

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