With GDI you only need to refer 10 to break even

Global Domains International business opportunity.The thing I love about GDI, otherwise known as Global Domains International, and other low cost business opportunities is that you only need to refer a few people in order to get into profit. A low initial investment to start an online business opportunity is really a great advantage compared to a lot of other business opportunities out there. I can literally name a few Companies out there that cost well over $1,000 just to get started and then you have to pay a high monthly fee just to stay active in that Company. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound to much like an initial advantage to me when you get started in a business like that.

With GDI you’ll pay just $10.00 a month after your free 7 day trial to test drive the business out. I bet you won’t see any free trial with these other business opportunities out there that cost over $1,000 to join. They don’t give you a trial because they know if you got to see what their business was all about and how hard it really is to refer others sometimes that you definitely would quit before the 7 day trial was up and keep your $1,000.

The question is: Can you refer at least 10 other people in your first month? If you think that is too much of a height to accomplish: Could you refer at least 10 other people in your first 6 months in GDI? Of course you can. That means that the $10.00 a month you pay would be earned back from your referrals and GDI’s services would be literally free to you. Here’s the kicker, with any business opportunity or multi-level marketing venture you’ll know that the people you refer are likely to refer others as well. This means that you may only need to refer six people initially and you referrals will get the other 4 in your second level.

Here is a quick over view on how Global Domains International works. For every person referred, you’ll earn a 10% residual commission off of them. Residual means you’ll earn that 10% every month as long as the member stays on the books. What’s 10% of $10.00? It’s $1.00. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot of money, but your first level in GDI can go to infinity. There is no limit on how many people you can sign up for Global Domains International. With GDI you’ll be able to earn on 5 levels. So you now know that GDI is paying its affiliates 50% of what they make. What I mean is every member that pays their $10.00 monthly fee, GDI gets $5.00 of it and pays the other $5.00 to its affiliates. I won’t get into weekly bonuses and other earning opportunities GDI has to offer to keep this post short.

Global Domains International has been around since the 1990s so you know they are a good stable Company to join. If you like what GDI has to offer, feel free to check out my other recommended business opportunities to join and let me know what you think of them.

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  1. neil says:

    how if i can’t refer others to gdi?
    i will not receive anything?

  2. That’s correct. The only way you can make money with GDI is by referring other people to GDI. Once you refer others though, you will get money off your downlines up to 5 levels deep.

  3. Tom says:


    how long have you been doingGDI for and have you made profits?

    how do you get referrels, and get them to refer other people?

  4. I have been involved with Global Domains International now for over a year. I have always had people in my down line. They come and they go.

    I’m almost going to receive my first payment from them in about a month. I really don’t promote GDI except maybe a few blog posts here and there. I also write about them on the home page of my site. That’s it.

    The only way to get referrals is promote your affiliate link in any way you can possibly think if you’re going to be serious about making money with GDI. There is no other way, unless if you want your own domain name and a website to put all your referral links in one spot. That’s the benefit I see in it.

  5. Haavard Lund says:

    I received my first payout from GDI recently. It was not a lot (only $25) but still better than nothing at all.

    I personally am reluctant to what GDI offers, but the company is real and they pay their affiliates on time. Their web hosting is lacking in every way, but I use HostGator for some of my blogs, anyway. You can only create simple web pages to be hosted with GDI. No MySQL databases or anything even semi-advanced.

    When promoting GDI, try not to talk too much about the web hosting part of it. Most people joining GDI are newbies without any marketing experience. They don’t know what SEO is or how to attract targeted traffic and sell a product, which is why so many of them give up.

    Always talk to your new referrals, no exceptions whatsoever. If you don’t welcome them, explain the basics and offer your assistance, you did not earn them in the first place. If they don’t bother responding and show no interest in building their downline, they are not worth your time and will quit sooner or later. Save your efforts for those who do.

    Join ACME People Search. Use it to build your GDI downline. You don’t have to pay anything for your A.P.S. account, just complete Step 1 and 2, and Step 3 is free for the first month anyway so it would be silly not to take advantage of it.

    When promoting ACME People Search, GDI or any other affiliate program, create your own, unique splash page.

    Traffic: I use Traffic Exchange sites now and then, but it’s not worth the effort, other than perhaps Traffic-Splash and TrafficXchange, together with the other T.E. sites that makes the “Super Surf” ring. Consider purchasing traffic credits, although without a sizzling squeeze page you might as well throw your money out the window.

    I recommend using Safelists. I have been trying out a few lately, and I make money with it so much easier than with T.E. sites. I upgraded my European Safelist account to Pro and I am sending out 3 list mails every day in addition to perks, such as receiving 500 confirmed leads every month. Create a good and informative landing page for ACME People Search or GDI, and send them there. Et voilá, there you have more than enough income to cover your GDI membership and then some.

    Need to earn $10/mo before you can join GDI? Try MyLot.com – you can complete tasks and get paid for it by other users, and put up your own tasks. Fill out some online surveys that pays to PayPal (stay away from shady looking sites and always do research before joining one). With a little effort you’ll get e-mails every day from a whole range of websites, telling you that you’ve earned money here and there. With PayPal you won’t have to worry about your bank account either, as everything can be managed from your PayPal account.

    Either way, earning money online is not difficult but you have to maintain focus on a few main opportunities in the beginning. The professionals spend big amounts outsourcing their work and running several PPC campaigns 24/7, earning thousands upon thousands of dollars online every month. Everybody can get there, starting with $0, you just must not give up on yourself and be willing to put effort into it. That’s the beauty of Internet!

    Hope this helps a bit, sorry about the wall of text..

  6. HI

    Great knowledge and one website to advertise all the websites and businesses you are currently involved in. This will save you money and time in advertising.

  7. John R says:

    GDI is awesome, I also use Acme people search to build my GDI downline , there are several people on the GDI leaderboards that got there using Acme.

  8. This is good that we are able to take new chances like GDI.

  9. Doug Oldham says:

    Terrific site, where did you come up with the info in this piece of writing? Im pleased I found it though, ill be checking back soon to see what other articles you have.

  10. Hey…thanks for that. Fantastic post. I’ll be checking back when I can for more updates. Thanks!

  11. I wonder how well i could promote this without using typical Internet
    marketing such as traffic exchanges, relationship websites (such as Twitter
    and Facebook) and e-mail. I have another MLM which i usually promote
    face-to-face or on the phone, but now i’m spending time outside of USA, and
    this company allows its products to USA and Canada only. But now i have GDI
    which is available globally, and i think i’ll try the Dani Johnson method of
    increasing my downline. I’m willing to bet the personal attention will help
    guide prospects into joining.

  12. Murad says:

    hi, i joined acme people search two days ago and subscribe to step 2, but im not sure to subscribe to step 3. When can i start making money. I belive you have to refer people to GDI, do i have to improve my people search site. Where do i get paid from GDI or my people search site. Im lost what do i need to do to make money, i have completed step 2

  13. Don’t quote me on this, but I believe step 3 is when they ask you for money which I don’t recommend giving them any of your hard earned money.

  14. Doug Hearn says:

    With Gdi and this is very true as i have been a member since 2008,
    yes you wil get signups but its keeping them!
    That is where i can help, everyone needs a reason to stay.


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