Panda Research pays you $5.00 to sign up with them

Panda Research - Get paid to sign up on offers online.Panda Research is free to join and they will deposit $5.00 into your commission account once you sign up with them. I like Panda Research, but the thing I don’t understand is that in the back office all of the links are called surveys. When you click to take a survey with them you’ll notice that the links really aren’t surveys, they are paid to sign up offers. This is a little bit misleading to me especially since their slogan is, “We want your opinios, help us to help you!”

Don’t get me wrong, not all the sign up links in the back office are paid to sign up offers, some of them really are surveys. I just think Panda Research should do a better job of categorizing their offers so their members don’t get confused.

I’ve been a member of Panda Research for a long time and have never paid a single dime to them. I even have to admit I’ve been inactive as a member as welll, but thankfully my account has never been suspended or deleted. I think that’s a great thing about Panda Research in general. Any Company that has been around for awhile is more than likely not going to go anywhere because they probably have a good business plan set up.

Not only can you get paid by completing offers with Panda Research, you can also refer others and get paid. If you refer someone, not only will Panda Research pay the new member $5.00 for joining, but they will also pay you $5.00 for referring that new member. There is no limit on how much money you can make for referring new members to Panda Research.

There are actually a lot of paid offers in the back office. I could easily say they have more than $200.00 worth of paid offers and surveys you could take. According to Panda Research’s frequently asked questions the average time it takes to complete each offer is about 10-15 minutes. That’s not too bad.

Something I don’t like about Panda Research is that you have to earn at least $100.00 to get paid and it will take at least 30 days to process your payment. One more limiting factor is that they only accept members from the United States. Other than that, Panda Research looks like a good Company to join as far as I’m concerned.

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