10Bux pays you a 5 cent sign up bonus for free

10 Bux - a free bux site that pays you for clicking on ads.10Bux is just another simple Bux site out there that pays you to sign up with them. Most Bux sites don’t pay a very large sign up bonus, but it’s nice that they pay their members something for signing up with them (5 cents).

How do you earn with 10Bux? All Bux sites are paid to click sites and you usually earn about 1 cent per click for every 30 second advertisement you view as a free member. Bux sites like to promote premium yearly membership fees where members can earn more per click not only off of their clicks, but also off their referral’s clicks. A premium membership doesn’t usually give you that much more per click. With 10Bux you will actually make a 50% increase per click. So instead of only earning .01 cent per click, you’ll now be earning .015 cents per click. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it adds up if you have a lot of referrals under you.

With almost every Bux site out there you have the ability to purchase your referrals. I don’t recommend doing this even if they have a referral replacement program for non clicking referrals. It sounds too good to be true for one and there are free ways to get referrals instead. I have done this before and have lost money. You have to be skeptical if you are going to invest in any online Company, especially a Bux site.

I’ve seen a lot of Bux sites disappear off the face of the Internet in less than a year. If you see a Bux site that has been around for over a year, that is usually a good thing. 10Bux is one of the Bux sites that have been around over a year. Some Bux sites look like they are being run by teenagers that have no idea how to run an online business.

Anyway, back to 10Bux. I have seen 10Bux grow over this past year by making good upgrades to their site and adding a few more ways to make money online. 10Bux also added a click confirmation to the surfing area. That means after you get done viewing the advertisement for 30 seconds, you now have to click a matching picture to confirm you view. This is the only new feature that I don’t like. I think a 30 second ad is plenty of time to check the site out.

If you want a large amount of traffic to your website in a short amount of time, 10Bux can help you achieve this. 10Bux has three different advertising options to choose from: click ads, registration ads, and banner advertisements. I have purchased registration ads with them and I’m still generating traffic from it. For fast traffic, purchase click ads for as low as $1.40. That is some pretty cheap advertising.

If you like 10Bux, then take a look at some more recommended Bux sites that pay you to sign up and let me know what you think.

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  1. TANNEREssie says:

    I had got a dream to start my business, nevertheless I did not have enough of money to do this. Hopefully this will help me realize my old dream.


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