$90 in sign up bonuses recently added to my paid to sign up site

Free money online - Sign Up and Make Money!Quick update for my Sign Up and Make Money website. I’ve recently found over $90.00  in free sign up bonuses. It’s actually $90.10 to be exact, but who really cares about the 10 cents if you know what I mean. Some of the get paid to sign up sites offer free advertising, others are just simply money making websites whether you refer anyone or not.

The recently added sign up bonus sites are:

  • Your Actions Pay = $5.00 (I was introduced to this paid to sign up site today. I recommend you sign up for their “plan A” membership option. It’s 100% free to join so you have nothing to lose.)
  • 2 Click = $10.00 (2 Click is a free affiliate network you can join to advertise other Companies products and services.)
  • Safe List XL = $10.00 (This one has been getting a lot of promotion from its affiliates out there. This means it must be a great Safe List, right? You will also get 10,000 free credits for signing up as well.)
  • Ad View Global = $60.00 ( Ad View Global’s mission is to provide quality advertising to their members. They start out by giving their members $60.00 in free advertising. You got to at least take a test drive!)
  • Instant Profitz = $5.00 (Instant Profitz is a cash back shopping website. If you’re interested in getting online shopping discounts you should definitely take a look.)
  • Up Paid = $0.10 (Up Paid is a paid to click website that pays you to sign up with them. It looks like they have some good advertising deals where you can currently get 1,000 clicks for only $3.00.)

Total = $90.10

I hope the above paid to sign up websites help you make money online in your never ending business building ventures. Remember, if these sign up bonuses aren’t enough for you, just visit the main paid to sign up bonus page to find over $1,000 in free sign up bonuses.

In addition to adding these great sign up bonus sites, Sign Up and Make Money has also undergone a whole lot of website maintenance. I changed www.signupandmakemoney.ws (which used to be my training website) and changed the name server to The Spider Web System instead. Don’t worry, I didn’t get rid of the training website completely. Instead, I merged it into Sign Up and Make Money as another sub directory of the site. It’s at the Affiliate Tips section of the site now. I did this because I get a lot more traffic to Sign Up and Make Money versus my DOT WS site and now I can use my GDI domain to help my down lines a little bit easier.

In addition to the above changes I got rid of the use of tables to do my page layouts and now use Cascading Style Sheets completely. The use of CSS is supposed to make it easier for search engines to crawl your website. More importantly, CSS makes it easier to manipulate the layout of your entire site with one document. Now if I want to make a change to the width of the entire website, instead of having to go into every web page and update each and every table, I can now just go to my cascading style sheet and update it once for the whole site.

Sign Up and Make Money also has a more sleek and easier to read layout and line height. Much more organized and search engine ready. I hope you enjoy your experience at my paid to sign up website and your comments are most welcome.

**Disclaimer – Affiliate links are used on this post.