Turn your Screen Saver into free traffic

Screen Swarm - Free traffic through your screen saver.If you’re someone who enjoys a good Screen Saver, why not get free traffic from your Screen Saver from now on. How many times do you think your Screen Saver runs while you work throughout the day? Two times? Five Times a day? Who knows, that’s not really the point.

The point is instead of looking at pretty pictures of past experiences or swim suit models that don’t give you anything back in return except good eye candy. Why not look at websites instead in exchange for free traffic back to your website?

The two Screen Saver traffic sites I found to be really good and generate free hits back to my websites are Screen Blaze - Free traffic for leaving your screen saver on.Screen Swarm and Screen Blaze. Both these Screen Saver traffic sites pretty much have the same format in generating traffic and hits back to your website.

They both are free to join, this is the most important of all similarities! You get more traffic back to your website for referring others, this is the reason I’m letting you know about the Screen Saver traffic sites, otherwise their would be no point. The way you generate traffic from your referrals is by getting a percentage of the screen saver views they partake in.

Both Screen Saver traffic sites also give you the option of buying advertising from them as well. I would not recommend this, since the traffic is free to begin with and you are not guaranteed anyone will be looking at your website in the Screen Saver when it shows up on the viewer’s screen. Stick to free baby, that’s what I always say!

The best parts about this source of free traffic is that there is no clicking involved, no surfing on your part, you don’t even have to look at the websites being shown in the Screen Saver, and it’s completely run on autopilot. You don’t have to log in to start viewing websites. The Screen Saver will automatically start up when your computer is inactive for a certain amount of time (according to your computer’s settings).

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