E-Cigarette Direct affiliate program proof of payment

E Cigarette Direct is an electronic smoking alternative. I just received my first affiliate payment from E-Cigarette Direct’s affiliate program. It’s one of those programs I added to this site and didn’t do much else with it. I liked the idea of promoting a healthy way to make money and help other’s at the same time. I mean smoking cigarettes is a serious issue responsible for ending people’s lives early all around the world.

E-Cigarette still offers a free sign up bonus just for joining but it’s in British Pounds. They also pay in British Pounds, but Paypal will go ahead and convert to your currency for you. I thought that was kind of cool.

You can also simply promote the affiliate program itself to other affiliates that are interested in helping others. You earn an override off of each of your affiliate’s sales.

Finger pointing at a payment proof.

E-Cigarette Direct proof of payment for $67.00.

Also check out this interesting video on a customer’s review of the cigarette product.