Instant Cash Sweepstakes (ICS) pays a sign up bonus

Instant Cash SweepstakesThanks to Gordon, I’ve added a new sign up bonus site entitled Instant Cash Sweepstakes, otherwise known as ICS.

Since Gordon introduced me to the site, his referral link is used throughout this website. Remember that you can do the same if you find any sign up bonus website that isn’t listed at the sign up bonus list.

ICS offers a $1.00 sign up bonus after enrolling for free and after watching a quick tutorial video. Since I haven’t joined yet and since Gordon summed everything up pretty nicely in the email he sent me, I’ll just go ahead and quote what he told me earlier.

Hi Greg,

Here’s a signup bonus site called Instant Cash Sweepstakes. They offer a $1 bonus. All you need to do is view a 7 minute site tutorial to receive the bonus. This site is a nice change of pace from the usual PTC, GPT programs. Every 3 hours a survey session is available, in each session there are about six surveys to do, and each survey contains only 3 easy questions.

During each session you are awarded a little money, but after each submitted survey you earn “Lottery Tickets”, and “Coins”. Once each day, a $50 prize is awarded to a lucky member and every 4 hours a $2 prize is given out. The tickets go towards the $50 prize and the coins can be exchanged for entries for either prize. You can also be notified when the next session is available by clicking the email notification box.

Thanks, Gordon

That pretty much sums everything up quite nicely. The coolest part about ICS is that they pay you pretty nicely to refer others and are 100% free to join. I’ve also decided to add a quick video I got from YouTube to go over Instant Cash Sweepstakes’s benefits as well. Check it out:

I hope this site turns out to be a nice extra stream of income for you.


  1. peter says:

    i don’t care about that…
    i just want to know, can you give me us$2million?

  2. No, and I wouldn’t give anyone that amount of money. No offense taken hopefully.