When is the best time to upgrade your membership level in Global NPN from Pro to Plus

GlobalNPN.Com - The New Plan Network - Your home program.A majority of us, when we start off in Global NPN, we begin at the Pro level ($10.75 a month). When is the best time to upgrade your Pro level membership, which provides a whole lot of benefits for its low monthly cost, to the Plus level ($19.95 a month)?

There are two factors that I can think of that would alter your decision in this. The first one is simple. If you have referred two or more Plus level members personally already, you might as well upgrade because you are simply missing out on commissions. Instead of getting $5.00 a month off of the Plus members in your matrix, why not make $10.00 residual? It’s not rocket science if you ask me.

Global NPN was designed so that you could start off the membership at the lowest cost possible. This is why it’s so easy to refer people to Global NPN. There aren’t very many good mlm business opportunities out there that offer such a low fee to get started.

As you progress in The New Plan Network and refer more people, you will find that the more serious minded of your down line matrix will be ready to take their membership to the next level. This is how you can take your team up the ladder with you and earn higher residual commissions in the long run.

This is another reason why I like Global NPN so much and why I think it is the best mlm business opportunity out there today. You get to decide when to go up to the next level. You and you alone make this decision. You can stay at the $10.75 level for as long as you’d like to. No one is stopping you from doing so.

The second factor that might persuade you to go from the Pro level to the Plus level right off the bat is that you may be interested in what Global NPN’s upgraded membership levels have to offer. Maybe you need more than 3 url rotators or maybe you need more than 5 url link trackers. If this is the case, then by all means you should upgrade to the membership level that provides the services you are going to need to get the marketing job done.

In either case, you should be offering 30 day Global NPN free trials at the Pro level to get your down lines started off on the right foot.

Here is a quick video from the owner of Global NPN (Geoff Stephen) on why you should upgrade in Global NPN, it’s just his opinion. I still think you should only upgrade when you have enough people in your down line that are upgraded or you if you are interested in the upgraded membership level perks.


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