My 9 to 5 Biz looks like yet another typical bux site

My 9 to 5 Biz logo.I ran into a paid to click site (looks more like a bux site) today entitled My 9 to 5 Biz that is offering a $5.00 sign up bonus for joining. The thing that upsets me about the paid to click site is that it looks just so typical of a bux site. What I mean by that is they obviously are simply just using a standard bux script for their site and put up some cheap graphics, vuala, they are now a new bux site.

My only hope is that My 9 to 5 Biz will turn out to be a legit site that doesn’t try to make most of their money off of referrals versus making money off the paid to click ads like they should be doing. As with all sites like these, please do not invest any money in them without doing your best due diligence on them first. Just take advantage of their free benefits, which in the case of My 9 to 5 Biz is simply getting paid to click.

After taking a close look at My9to5Biz, I think I’m pretty happy to say that there business model looks like it makes sense. They only go over 1 cent per click (one for you and one for your referrals) if you are a premium member and they don’t have a ton of ads on there site (this would only show that they are promoting there own affiliate links on the site until they get advertisers). This is fine, but at least My 9 to 5 Biz isn’t over doing it like we’ve all seen so many other paid to click sites with that script do.

You have to earn $15.00 in order to cash out on the $5.00 sign up bonus. You can buy referrals as well, this is a red flag for any site. Don’t ever buy referrals for something people can sign up for free. It just doesn’t make any sense, you know what I mean?

I also checked out the 9 to 5 Biz forum and they have nothing in it yet, they are pretty new to the paid to click community. Like I said before, don’t invest any money or too much time in a site like this until you see some results and legit payment proofs from other members.

If you’re searching for more sign up bonus sites, make sure to take a look at my list of free paid to click sign up bonus websites and let me know what you think.

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  1. nathaniel says:

    I am interested to join…

  2. Arunachalam says:


    I am also very much interested to join if it is a legit site

  3. denjovi6 says:

    i sign up under your link.. and like you im hoping that my9to5biz in the end will not turn in to scam.thanks for the info. And by the way, haven’t you heard the A new social Site. you must check this out. its pretty cool too. here is my link. Tnx!

  4. 338a says:

    Having read pages upon pages of bull overnight success advice, it’s refreshing to see some grass roots – ‘put some hard work in’ back to basics info like this.

  5. 88Tangkas says:

    This is why I keep going to this place. I can not believe I missed so many posts since the last time!


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