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Paid2YouTube logo.I would like to thank a member of the Sign Up and Make Money Forum (rique) for introducing Paid2YouTube to the sign up bonus site. Remember, your rerferral link can be featured on this site as well if it’s not already posted on the sign up bonus list. Paid2YouTube is 100% free to join and pays you a 5 cent sign up bonus just for joining.

Unfortunately, there is one draw back I noticed about Paid2YouTube, if you take a close look at the site, it resembles another familiar website I’m sure a lot of you heard of called Why does this concern me? Well, doesn’t have a very good reputation at the moment since they’ve decided not to follow their own terms and conditions. is still up and running, but a majority, if not all of their members haven’t received their commissions in a timely manner. I have currently been waiting well over a year for $4,000, believe it or not.

Anyway, let’s get back to Paid2YouTube. I do see potential in concept of this site. You click on websites and get paid to view the videos on the sites. You obviously don’t have to watch the videos, you get paid to click and actually go to the site. Their advertising prices look decent, not too low where it looks completely like a rip off to everyone that joins. I would still recommend not to invest any money in this website.

I also like that Paid2YouTube pays members for commenting on people’s sites. I have not yet personally tried this, but if you can get paid to comment on someone else’s website and get a back link to your site at the same time, well it’s like knocking out two birds with one stone. This is of course if Paid2YouTube is a legit site, which so far it is flagged due to looking a whole lot like

One other thing I like about Paid2YouTube is that I don’t see anywhere to buy referrals. This has always been a red flag for any type of Bux site out there. It looks like Paid2YouTube makes a profit off their ads regardless of selling any referrals or not.

Anyway, try it out for yourself, take a look at some more paid to click sign up bonus sites that you may be interested in taking a look at.



    Turn 5hrs a week into $500. a month extra income.
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    Thought you might be interested in checking this out as a possible business of your own.

  2. Ian says:

    I have been using a couple of PTC sites for several months now and have yet to be paid some say that they will pay straight away once you reach $1000 but never do,and others you have to wait 60 working days but even after 70 days i still wait to be paid, and yet the websites seem to be genuine, so I am not sure about this utube site.

  3. Jeff Seal says:

    I tried SFI for 1 yr and did not make a dime. I got about 150 + people w/ a lot of bad emails, was a EA right off the bat and the upline people did help me? I am affiliate worker online
    and try to seek out the best businesses out there. If you are looking for a good PTC site / ClixSense is good.

    To your succes in life / JMS

  4. Debra Smith says:

    To comment on Paid2YouTube-yes they are advertising to you can buy referrals. This is a bux-template thats why the similarities. In all probability it is a bux script. Just thought you would like to know

  5. James says:

    I use this service myself, very nice site, not the fastest earner but well with the help of referals it makes it alot more rewarding.

    Just think, generally there are 8 vids to click a day
    so you will earn $0.08/day , if you have 20 referals (you get 50% of what they earn, the referals do not loose out at all btw)

    with 20 referals you will earn $0.8/day from them + your $0.08 = $0.88/day , with the ever increasing amount of refeals you get, you will earn even more!

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