New Sign Up and Make Money Affiliate Program sign up bonus

Sign Up and Make Money LogoI wanted to introduce the official launch of the Sign Up and Make Money Affiliate Program. It was a lot of work getting the affiliate program set up, but it’s 100% free to join and a very simple way to make money online. When I say simple, I mean simple. I thought  long and hard on whether or not I should’ve made the affiliate program a complex downline builder based on sign up bonus sites. I then realized, how many people have the time and patience to set something like that up.

I had a few subscribers ask me to set something up like that, but I just thought it would be a whole lot simpler if the affiliate program had only a few links to promote. Promote my website and you’ll get paid for the sign ups you bring in. Promote my affiliate program and you’ll earn off your affiliate’s efforts.

You can easily add an extra monetization link to your website or blog by posting an affiliate link from the Sign Up and Make Money Affiliate Program.

Let me quickly explain the commission structure, it won’t take long because it’s really simple:

  • You get a $2.00 sign up bonus just for joining.
  • Promote my sign up bonus newsletter and earn 5 cents for every free sign up you get.
  • Sign up other affiliates and earn 15 cents every time.
  • Every time one of your affiliates signs up someone promoting the sign up bonus newsletter or affiliate program, you’ll earn off their success.
  • You will have 2 levels of sub affiliates below you to infinity.
  • You only have to earn a minimum of $10.00 in order to be paid.
  • You will receive commissions through Paypal or Alertpay automatically on the 1st of every month as long as you’ve earned $10.00 or more.

The commissions are favorable to the affiliates and very realistic. I’ve based them off of my potential earnings and benefits of having an affiliate program and consider all affiliates to be very valuable to the entire affiliate system.


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  1. New Sign Up and Make Money Affiliate Program sign up bonus