Real Cash Money advertising sign up bonus

**Notice – Real Cash Money no longer gives a $10.00 sign up bonus. Unfortunately, they have no promotions going on at the current moment either.**

Real Cash Money - Get advertising partners for life.I ran into yet another free sign up bonus site. Real Cash Money will currently give you $10.00 just for signing up. It’s not automatic though, you’ll have to submit a support ticket by contacting their admin. Don’t worry though, it’s not too difficult of a task. On top of the $10.00 sign up bonus, Real Cash Money is also giving away some free traffic to your sites:

  • 2 solo ads.
  • 2 free banner ads.
  • 2 free traffic links.

Those are the short term benefits of joining Real Cash Money. What about some long term advantages? As a free member of Real Money Cash you’ll also get these benefits:

  • 50 points for every free referral.
  • 100 points every time you click on a solo ad.
  • 10 points for clicking on their banner ads.
  • 10 points for clicking on their traffic links.
  • Real Cash Money is a down line builder.
  • Of course you can e-mail all your personal referrals.

As of the date of this article, Real Cash Money is still a new site, so we’ll just have to wait and see how this free advertising opportunity works out. I don’t recommend ever upgrading with Real Cash Money, no offense to Real Cash Money, but I recommend this for all traffic websites.


Because I’ve always found traffic sites like these to be best used for free traffic only. If you buy advertising, you’ll be basically getting the same results (maybe a little bit better) that you could get if you just stuck with the free advertising the site offered.

**Disclaimer – Affiliate links are used on this post.


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