TMI Wireless is a great free cell phone affiliate company – see payment proof

TMI Wireless - The Internet Wireless Superstore.I’ve been a free a affiliate with TMI wireless for some time now. I really don’t do much with TMI Wireless except buy my cell phones through them and earn a commission by doing so and promote the TMI Wireless affiliate opportunity on my main website.

Well, I checked my mail today and received a check from TMI Wireless. I thought this was cool because it is the second time TMI Wireless has paid me now. The first time I got paid was off a kick back on a cell phone purchase for myself ($50.00) and a $10.00 commission off of one of my referred affiliate sales. So I got a check for $60.00.

This time I earned $10.00 (I know it isn’t anything to brag about), off of one of my referred affiliate sales. This means I technically didn’t deserve this measly $10.00 commission, but I got it anyway, and I can earn $10.00 over and over again for the rest of my life while the free affiliates I refer continue to make cell phone and accessory sales.

Finger pointing at a payment proof.

A Check I received from TMI Wireless for $10.00 from a sub-affiliate’s sale.

I only show this check, even though because of the low amount I should be embarrassed to show it, because the check shows that TMI Wireless is a good affiliate company to join.

  • Free to join affiliate company (no monthly fees, ever).
  • $50.00 for every cell phone sale.
  • $10.00 off of sub-affiliate sales for life.
  • 15% off of accessory sales.
  • 10% bonus if you sell 20 cell phones in one month.
  • Get you own TMI Wireless affiliate website with the needed advertising tools included.
  • Advanced affiliate tracking so you can see stats on you and your sub-affiliate’s traffic results.
  • Can earn a commission off the purchase of your own personal cell phone and plan.
  • Carry all the major service providers: Sprint, At&t, Verizon Wireless, and T-Mobile.

You basically have to look at TMI Wireless like this: TMI Wireless is never going to cost you anything to join, you just sign up as an affiliate for free, put a simple TMI Wireless banner on your site or banner rotator, and get a kick back on the upgrade or new plan purchase of your own personal cell phone transactions.

**Disclaimer – Affiliate links are used on this post.


  1. apurva says:

    Good post man!

  2. mbv says:

    Always a good thing when an affiliate program pays even when it only owes $10 unlike some that make you earn $100 or something before you can cash out, and only then if you request it.

  3. kurye says:

    TMI Wireless is a great free cell phone affiliate company – see payment proof. | Get Paid to Sign Up and Make Money Online Blog! great article thank you.

  4. Thanks for sharing with us your experience and related thoughts,I’ll bear it in my mind.

  5. it has potential, but I have some concerns about using the service on a mobile phone

  6. TMI Wireless doesn’t provide the service on the mobile phone. At&t, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizen, etc.. do.

  7. when the cost of solar panels goes down, i think every home should be owning a mini solar power station.

  8. I have the same mobile phone and have installed wammu

  9. Dave says:

    I made 50.00 in 2 months and didnt do a thing…great deal for free

  10. I wish my blog was this nice, keep up the great work.

  11. Hi!

    I have always been a cell phone geek and finding out that I could have my own site was the best news I have seen in a long time! Thanks for your post! I have also got the $50 kickback and several apps, but the apps were declined because they werent ready to upgrade… Theres a lot of free ways to get traffic to the website too!

    Before you go out and upgrade to a new phone, make sure you call or email me for advice. My help is free! Also, if you are switching carriers, I deal with Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

    Gabriel Johansson
    Internet Marketer
    (978) 502-9329

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  16. Garnet Murch says:

    Considering the fact that there are various weblogs with totally different points of view, they question your perception. It’s at these moments when you have exceptional insignt many others might not have had, including the blogger him/herself.

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  18. Mike robert says:

    Finding details pertaining to any wireless phone is not easy as compared to a wired phone. We can easily trace the name and address related to any wired land line phone using free online public directories or white pages. But what would you do if you need info on any wireless phone?
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  19. Carront says:

    i just joined. cant wait to see how it works out

  20. fr0gman says:

    Let me fill in the blanks for you about TmiWireless.

    Click-Thrus 13225
    Page-Views: 35876
    Cell Phone Apps: 1
    Shipped Count: 0

    Out of 13,225 clicks through I registered ZERO sales.

    1/10 of 1% conversion would have been just shy of 14 sales.

    In my opinion TMI is a scam.


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