The Ez2x2 business opportunity explained

Ez2x2 business opportunity.What is Ez2x2 anyway? I’ve been hearing a lot of hype about Ez2x2 lately. A lot things that make Ez2x2 sound like the greatest business opportunity ever created. A friend I know introduced Ez2x2 to me. When she first introduced Ez2x2 I wasn’t interested. I feel like I’ve joined enough business opportunities in my time to know my plate is pretty full. Anyway, my friend didn’t give up and I am now a member. I wanted to go through all the benefits of joining Ez2x2.

I wanted to start off by sharing this great video about Ez2x2 I’ve been seeing a lot of on the web:

Next I wanted to list off what you get from Ez2x2 once you pay your one time $7.00 fee:

  • You’ll get the ability to receive spillover from the 2×2 matrix.
  • Access to a lot of products like E-books, application software, etc..
  • Resale rights to affiliate products like auto responders and E-books.
  • Free advertising resources – free banner impressions, solo ads, and a lot of free visitors.
  • How to videos and free pro memberships at a number of traffic sites.
  • Use the Ez2x2 down line builder to promote other business opportunities to your down lines.
  • You only have to pay once, no monthly fees with Ez2x2.

How the 2×2 matrix works:

  • You get $5.00 for every personal referral you bring in.
  • All cycles begin on your second referral.
  • You get a $5.00 1Up infinity bonus for every referral in your down line – only when your referrals cycle for the first time only.
  • Six members fill your 2×2 matrix, 2 in your first level and 4 in your 2nd level.
  • You can receive spillover from other members.
  • There is an automatic re-entry into the matrix every time it is filled.

I also wanted to inform you that international members can join Ez2x2 just like anyone else. You’ll receive your first payment once you earn $20.00. Ez2x2 is based out of Texas, I thought that was interesting. The Ez2x2 website can also be translated into Spanish if you’re interested.

**Disclaimer – Affiliate links are used on this post.

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  1. I think many people when introduced to many busness opportunities are skeptical at first.. But it is when we join, we can tell how effective and great a certain business opporunity is just like your Ez2x2..


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