Extreme Safelist pays a $10.00 sign up bonus

**Update – Extreme Safelist has stopped giving out a $10.00 sign up bonus, now they give you 50,000 credits for joining. This may have changed since this update.**

Extreme Safelist pays a sign up bonus.Extreme Safelist is currently giving all new members that sign up a free $10.00 sign up bonus for joining. The only downfall to the sign up bonus is that it isn’t automatic and it’s only for a limited time (so hurry up and get the bonus), you have to contact the Extreme Safelist support team in order to receive the sign up bonus. I’ve been a member of Extreme Safelist for awhile now and when I signed up they weren’t offering a sign up bonus. I stayed a member and have received free traffic from Extreme Safelist ever since.

I would like to quickly go over the benefits of joining Extreme Safelist:

  • You can sign up for free and take advantage of the $10.00 sign up bonus.
  • Extreme Safelist has over 700 members to advertise to.
  • You’ll get 5,000 free credits for joining (1 credit equals 1 person that will get your e-mail)
  • You get 1,000 free credits a month just for staying active as a member with Extreme Safelist.
  • You get 25 credits every time you view an ad.
  • 500 credits for everyone you refer to Extreme Safelist.
  • You’ll also get free credits if someone you refer upgrades their account.
  • If someone you refer purchases advertising, you’ll get a 25% profit off of it.

There are a few drawbacks though. Obviously upgraded members can earn a lot more for less, but I’m a firm believer in not paying for advertising unless you really need to get your product or services out there. As with any Safelist, you need to be aware that you will receive a lot of e-mails once you’re a member. Make sure you set up a separate e-mail account with Gmail just for the Safelists you join. Another drawback of Extreme Safelist is that as a free member you can only send out one credit based e-mail a day, only send an e-mail to 300 members a day, and you have to earn at least $25.00 before you can cash out. So keep those things in mind before you join.

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    soudns gerat – can I sign up?