The Panthera Network offers $150.00 sign up bonus for 2009

Panthera Network - free affiliate network to join.The Panthera Affiliate Network is currently offering a $150.00 sign up bonus for new 2009 affiliates that join. In order to qualify for the sign up bonus you’ll need to earn at least $1,500.00 in commissions during your first 60 days as a publisher. If you consider yourself a super affiliate, the Panthera Network offers a $1,000.00 sign up bonus for publishers that can generate at least $25,000.00 in commissions during their first 60 days. The Panthera Network is 100% free to join on top of this. So if you don’t qualify for the sign up bonus, you’ll still make money with this affiliate network and not lose anything.

Unfortunately, you just can’t sign up with the Panthera Network like you do regular websites. You have to apply to become a publisher. I’ve given you two links above already where you can apply. There are a few things you’ll need before you apply. You’ll need a website you own. You’re probably going to want to prove that you can at least generate about 5,000 unique visitors a month to your website. You can’t lie because your affiliate manager can look up stats on your website at the WHOIS look up. It’s a pretty neat site that gives you a search engine score, tells you how much visitors you get a month on average, how many sites are linked to yours, and your Alexa ranking. If you have these things you should be good to go.

With the Panthera Network, most of the advertisers in their affiliate network offer per lead commissions. This means that whether or not the lead you generate buys something or not, you’ll still get paid regardless. This is an awesome thing. Most of the per lead commissions average around $1.00 to $3.00 per lead in a variety of themed websites. I have seen some in this network go up to $20.00 all the way up to $70.00 per lead. My friend, this is easy money.

On top of earning off the leads you generate, you can also refer other publishers to promote the Panthera Affiliate Network. There is a two-tier affiliate program where you can earn 5% off of all your referrals for one year. It’s not residual income for life, but most motivated affiliates do there best when they first sign up for something like this.

A few other things you might be interested to know about the Panthera Network. They pay their members by check or Paypal on the 15th of every month as long as you have at least $100.00 in your commission account. The Panthera Network also has monthly incentive promotions for their more motivated publishers. On top of this you can enjoy excellent publisher support so you’re never in the dark.

If you like what the Pantera Network has to offer, you’ll be interested in other ways to increase revenue from your website or blog that don’t cost you a single dime. And you know what? It shouldn’t cost you anything to promote other company’s products and services. That’s my take on it.

**Disclaimer – Affiliate links are used on this post.


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    link is no good…website not valid

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    That’s good to know, I’ll take a look at it…


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