A.W. Surveys – my experience and opinion of them

A.W. Surveys - free survey company to join.So far I’ve had a not-so-good experience with A.W. Surveys. My account with them has been cancelled twice. The first time I had over $50.00 in my account. I found out today that my account has been closed for a second time. I’m not sure where my earnings were at with them this time though.

A.W. Surveys has a pretty strict and ridiculous 45 day inactive clause. If you don’t log into your account to stay active with A.W. Surveys and it has been one day over 45 days; your account with them will be deleted. You’ll have to start all over from scratch and your earnings will be deleted. You think you are making good money with them until you find out A.W. Surveys is a scam just waiting for you to be inactive for over 45 days. They win, you lose.

A.W. Surveys also really isn’t a real Survey Company in my opinion. Yes A.W. Surveys does ask for your opinion on various websites, but they are really an affiliate company. A.W. Surveys believes if they can get you to look at their affiliate sites and write a quick 2 to 3 sentence spiel about them, you just might sign up with the affiliate site they are promoting.

Now for the positives of joining A.W. Surveys. If you are certain you can be diligent in staying an active member with them, I would recommend taking advantage of the free to sign up opportunity. A.W. Surveys has paid out over $100,000 to their active members since they’ve been in existence.

A.W. Surveys offers you a minimum of a $6.00 sign up bonus survey for signing up with them. In addition to this they’ve added $20.00 more in $4.00 sign up bonus surveys and a $1.00 monthly bonus survey. This technically gives you a $27.00 sign up bonus. On top of that you can make $1.25 for every member you refer worldwide.

Remember, the only downfall is that A.W. Surveys will delete your account if you are inactive for more than 45 days. This has gotten me twice now.  If my account had not been deleted twice now, I would’ve earned my minimum $75.00 to cash out by now. That means I would have  included a proof of payment in this post.

If you are interested in more Survey sites that pay you to sign up. Take a look at my Survey sign up bonus page and let me know what you think.

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  1. i’m sorry to tell you.. because Aw Survey is totally a scam site

  2. ..but the business idea is great..just that it will take a while. my advice is, do real business!

  3. Aaron says:

    Hello i want to tell you some thing about Awsurveys they accually have a bug in there system! go here http://www.AWSurveys.com/HomeMain.cfm?RefID=MoneyToMake and signup and when you are done do the surveys so you get around $27. when you are done and have a paypal account. Go on mozilla Firefox amnd then go to google and type in mozzila add ons. Click te first one and type were it says search tamper Data install it and then go back to Awsurveys. Click Redeem money and then go to tools and click on Temper Data. Click start tampering and click Chos amount : $75 Chose payment Method : Paypal
    IT will ask you if you want to tamper it and say tamper
    then fill in your email were it ask’s you too and Bam You will only be credited $2 for the $25 fee but it is better then getting $0!

  4. Kelly says:

    i did that, but it passed 6days and no news about $2…

  5. Carol says:

    I had alot of referrals with A.W. Surveys.I was getting close to payout min.. when suddenly ever time I logged in there were no surveys for me. Then they deleted my account for no activity.
    I agree they are a scam.

  6. mohammad says:

    Hey all, I don’t think it’s scam cuze alot of my friends has try it and it work plz any one can create an account with A.W. Surveys.

  7. kumar says:

    My friend, thank you so much for this information.

  8. kumar says:

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  9. Thankyou, I never knew that, thanks.