Survey Savvy Payment Proof

Survey SavvyThis isn’t the first time Survey Savvy has paid me. This is however the first time I’ve updated the site with a payment proof from them. I’ve been a proud member of Survey Savvy for a few years now and really enjoy taking their paid online surveys at home.

Most of their surveys pay between $1.00 or $2.00, but every once in a while you’ll get a higher paying survey for something like $10.00. Their is a downside though. You won’t always qualify for every survey you take, but this is also a good thing because you shouldn’t qualify for every survey you attempt to take anyway. This is another sign of why Survey Savvy is a very legit survey Company.

Here is the payment proof below:

Finger pointing at a payment proof.

Survey Savvy proof of payment for $35.50.

You can join for free and refer your friends and family to Survey Savvy as well. Why not, I mean it’s free to join right? If you do refer someone, you’ll receive $1.00 for every completed survey they do. This is yet another reason to be a free member of Survey Savvy.

Take a look of this video from Survey Savvy doing a survey on who will win the super bowl. I know it is an old video, but the thing I like most about it is most of the people surveyed say the Saints will win. Nice!

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