Join Vic’s mission and feed children while making money with XanGo

** This is an international opportunity for the world to get involved in!

XanGo meal pack programHow would you like to be part of a business where your monthly payment is sending food all over the world to feed children and starving families? When I first found out about it I thought it would be a good thing, but wondered how I could make any money with it. Then I found out that someone named Vic Hutchinson, a retired successful internet marketer, is dedicating the free time he now has to help get food to areas of the world that are starving and in need of support.

The company Vic is using to make this happen is XanGo. They have a business opportunity where you can be a part of the business and simply donate your monthly membership fee to send meal packs overseas to impoverished areas. This allows you to receive commissions in the company.

Now the reason you are going to want to join XanGo either through me or Vic directly is that he has dedicated 3 legs of his Xango downline to only signing up people that want to donate food to starving families. Since Vic is retired and makes enough money through the other businesses he’s involved in, he is only currently focusing on these 3 legs that donate food to starving families. It is now his life’s mission and I think he’s been doing this for about a year now so you can get in towards the top. He will place people directly under you.

You see, everyone in these 3 legs plus him are pushing the donation to feed children because they and me all have the same vision. Four days a week Monday through Thursday at 8pm central time Vic does a free webinar that seems to always have about 100 people on it. On this webinar he explains how you can get involved, help feed starving people and make money at the same time. So you don’t have to sell anybody on this, you just have to get them to his almost daily webinar and these 3 legs will continue to grow and grow.

So how much does it cost to donate? Good question, only $90.00 a month with a one time processing fee of about $30.00 to get started. So once you get enough people under you, this business can turn into a great asset and be making you residual income for life. You don’t need to spend any money on advertising because you can simply use word of mouth and the power of the internet to spread the word. Simple as that. The video below gives you a little more info about the opportunity to donate.


  1. Don’t know what I’m doing. Have applied for information from you, but for whenever reason I lost it in syber space. I have a xango website which you can access, I have being a xango distributor for 6 months and I haven’t made a penny, however I was bying the meal pack for a while but I can’t afford it anymore. So I want to be in your team so I can make money and at the same time help kids that need help.
    Thank You,
    JIm Martinez

  2. Ok, just go to and get the $90.00 meal pack to donate and you’ll automatically be in Vic’s and my team. Make sure to attend the webinar as well so you can get the links from Vic on how to promote the mission.

  3. John Davis says:

    How long have you been a member of Xango, and how long does it take to be given signups..or how long did it take you to be given signups, somebody the other day told me they never received anything, even though they marketed their butts off.

  4. I’m new to Xango, but signed up after talking with someone who’s been on Vic’s team for awhile and making money. It doesn’t take long at all according to him. Especially if you put in a little bit of effort yourself and share the idea with others.