Creating Income Easily Online by Investing, Freelancing, Monetization

Rolled up cash.Whether you have a little seed money from a payday advance to invest or a skill you want to parlay into some extra cash, there are multiple ways and tips to make money online if you know where to look. The Internet offers opportunities for growing your income, and sometimes it costs nothing more than subscribing to a particular online service. However, do be careful giving out too much information online, and do check out each opportunity carefully to make sure it is genuine. Choose which method of making money online works best for you.

Invest it

Are you an expert at picking growth stocks? Do you know the foreign currency markets well? If you have some specific financial expertise, you can use seed money to invest online. It does not take much money to start as a small investor online, and you avoid a lot of large broker’s fees. You do have to know what you are doing, but there are people who can sit at home and make money via online investing.


Maybe you know a computer language or how to program mobile applications. There are a variety of freelance boards that allow anyone to make a little side income from home. You will have to pay a percentage of what you make to the boards, but it is a great way to network and find side jobs for specific skills like programming or translating. Anything that you can do remotely is a good candidate for freelancing. Take a look at freelance boards like or

Monetize your actions

You can make money from your online actions or at least virtual money that you can trade in for goods on a specific site. For instance, will give you Swag Bucks to use their search engine to browse the web and other activities. These can be traded in for goods in their Swag Store. Monetize activities from searches to completing offers online or getting others to register to these services via your referral link.

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