Own a blog, brand yourself, and increase income from home with it

Climbing dollar bill.Many of you who know me always hear the resounding nuances of my recommendations that if you don’t already own your own blog, you should definitely get on this right away.

To me it’s a no brainer. If you haven’t taken advantage of owning a practically free, easy to set up and learn blog yet, you are basically missing out on a very easy opportunity to not only brand yourself online, but you are also missing out on some free money.

I know money isn’t everything to a lot of people, but if you could increase your income from home an extra $500.00 a month, do you think that might change your lifestyle a little bit? I don’t know, for most people it would make paying the bills a whole lot easier.

$500.00 is nothing really. Can you build this kind of an increase in money right away? Of course not, but over time, like anything else you will eventually have a following online with an increase of income with no limits.

How do you get started?

Well, I already wrote a pretty useful post a while back on the best recommended blogging software to choose from.  Of course setting up a blog isn’t always as easy as 1,2,3. So here is another helpful article on making sure your wordpress blog is set up properly for search engine and user friendly purposes after it has been installed.

Now, here is a web page that is all about ways to monetize and increase income from your blog. These are things like free affiliate networks to take advantage of and how to get paid for placing ads on your blog.

How will owning a blog allow me to brand myself?

Your blog will be your online presence. It will make you an authority online in whatever your specific niche is in. Whether it be flowers, music, making money, you name it. Your blog will be your central hub so to speak. What I mean is it will be the site that you link to whenever someone asks you for your website.

There is so much you can do with a blog. Plus a blog is so much better than a website. Why? Because it is updated dynamically unlike a website, which is usually static and hard to update.

Let’s dream together for a little bit, shall we. Let’s say you have a blog set up now after you read this post. Let’s also say it has been 5 years down the road and you’ve averaged about 10 new blog post a month for the past 5 years. During this time you’ve also learned a whole lot about the blogging industry and now have quite a few connections online. 10 x 12 = 120 x 5 = 600 blog post. Google has probably indexed at least 300 of these post and tons of categories and tags along the way.

Also during this time you’ve built up a decent subscriber base of about 5,000 give or take a bit. Now you have leverage on something that took you a little bit of time to grow managing it little by little every day. This is also a nice online advertising resource to always take advantage of as well.

I’m just dreaming, but these are very conservative numbers and most blog owners get much more traffic than this.

We’ll just have to wait and see what’s in store for you.


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