Panthera Network proof of payment

Panthera Network logo.I got my first payment from the  Panthera Network, a free affiliate network that pays their publishers on a cost per action basis and cost per sale basis. If you haven’t applied to become an affiliate publisher with them yet I would highly recommend doing so right away.

You need to have a blog or website that you own in order for you application to even get approved. A good thing is that it doesn’t matter what Country you’re from in order to join.

Everyone is welcome.

I love affiliate networks because they are free to join where as business opportunities or multi-level marketing businesses always require some sort of fee to get started along with a monthly payment.  The beauty of these affiliate networks gives you the potential to increase your monthly cash flow quite a bit.

Finger pointing at a payment proof. Check from the Panthera Network for $50.80.

If you like the idea of joining free affiliate networks and never having to pay a monthly fee to make money, make sure to check out more free affiliate networks to join right away. About half way through the page you’ll find a list of free affiliate network sites to join.

Remember, there is no risk on your part at all.


  1. Please makes me to be a permenant member of this program

  2. Excellent info, thanks.

  3. Sounds very good, let’s go!

  4. Rob says:

    Thanks for the good review.


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