Difference between one time and monthly payment programs

Grey people putting a money puzzle together.I’m not big on switching between different online money making programs as it isn’t a very wise financial decision, but I have been around the block a quite a few times. I want to briefly explain the difference between joining a money making program that you only have to pay a one time fee to be a member versus joining a business opportunity where you pay a monthly commission.

Essentially, the main difference I wanted to share with you is that the amount of money you can earn with monthly paid programs is significantly larger than the amount of money you can earn with one time payment programs. Monthly paid programs also offer the ability to earn a residual income whether you work or not. With a one time payment affiliate program you will have to keep working in order to receive commissions. Once you stop, the money stops.

For those of you who are jumping from one program to another, make sure you are at least sticking with the memberships that require a monthly payment to stay in. This means all the people you refer will be paying you a percentage of their bill every month instead of a percentage of a one time payment.

Yes, it does suck to have to pay the monthly membership dues to stay active as an affiliate, but you have to think long term. Most new prospecting members are going to be attracted to the better compensation plans because of the more residual money they can make. Plus you want to be able to build your business opportunity of choice to the point where the business grows away from you.

In case you’re not sure of what business opportunities require monthly dues and which ones require a one time payment, let me show you some examples.

Examples of some monthly residual programs: (good for long term growth)

Examples of some one time payment programs: (will have to work harder for the income to keep coming in)

Remember to always do your due diligence before joining any program that costs you money to join.

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