WB Advertising changes sign up bonus of 25 cents to 25 points

WB Advertising - Free advertising network you can make money with. WB Advertising, one of the cheapest advertising websites out there, has unfortunately stopped there 25 cent sign up bonus and are now offering a 25 point sign up bonus. I will have to remove them from my list of paid to sign up websites now. WB Advertising is still a good place to advertise and earn some extra money though.

Instead of being about to use that 25 cent sign up bonus for whatever you want to; now you have to use it towards there advertising services. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing at all. Like I said earlier, WB Advertising is a good advertising Company.

Some of the things I like about WB Advertising:

  • they are free to join
  • cheap advertising (1,000 clicks for only $3.00)
  • they are on time with putting your ads out
  • they accept international memberships

Some of the things I don’t like about WB Advertising:

  • they have a silly 30 days of not logging in and your account could be deleted (I’ve gone over that many days before)
  • they have a clause in their terms stating they will issue payment within 30 days (why so long?)

WB Advertising also has good benefits for referring others to them. You can earn 25% off of your referrals. If you decide to upgrade with them, you’ll earn $1.00 off of every upgraded member you refer and get good advertising discounts not available to regular members. I’m not upgraded myself and don’t plan to be in the future. I only plan to use their advertising services when needed and I recommend you give WB Advertising a try as well.

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