Survey Savvy pays you to take surveys and refer friends

Survey Savvy - Free survey company to join.Sign up with Survey Savvy and get paid $2.00 for every survey you participate in. Not only will you get paid to take surveys with Survey Savvy, but you will earn $1.00 for every survey one of your referrals takes. So potentially, one referral could turn into a lot of money over the period of their lifetime. If Survey Savvy offers a survey that you don’t qualify for, they will still enter you into a monthly sweepstakes of 50 $10.00 prizes.

Survey Savvy is a free free survey site, so don’t worry about losing any money with this one. Survey Savvy claims they give back about 20% of their yearly online revenue to their survey community. Survey Savvy has been in business since 1999 so you know they are stable. Survey Savvy is also available to international members and currently has members in over 195 countries worldwide.

Once you’re a member of Survey Savvy, all you have to do is wait for paid surveys to be delivered to the e-mail address you signed up with. I usually get a few Survey Savvy e-mails a month. The next thing you’ll want to do is spread the word to your family and friends that Survey Savvy exists. Survey Savvy has a sample e-mail you can use in your back office to help you accomplish this task.

If you like what Survey Savvy has to offer, take a quick look at my recommended free survey companies to join and let me know what you think of them.

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  1. thanks!!!!!
    nice info

  2. Maryam Porta says:

    Heard about this site from my friend. He pointed me here and told me I’d find what I need. He was right! I got all the questions I had, answered. Didn’t even take long to find it. Love the fact that you made it so easy for people like me. More power

  3. Aaron Curtis says:


    I have recently launched a new website for paid for surveys. Would you be interested in completing a review on our site? We have a affiliate system built in as well as a Facebook Application so that users can earn and never leave facebook! If you have any questions please let me know.


  4. You can actually register on this blog yourself and do a post on your survey site.

  5. Survey Savvy is one of my favorite survey sites. I joined them about 1 month ago and I have accumulated $54.20. These guys are totally legit. All i do is wait for qualifying surveys and reffer friends.

  6. “If you don’t want to complete the surveys, you should not use any content on that website. Complete surveys, get content. Fair game for everyone.”


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