Get paid to sign up with Fusion Cash

Fusion Cash - Get $5.00 free for signing up!Fusion Cash is free to join and pays their members a generous $5.00 sign up bonus. According to Fusion Cash, they have paid their members over $1.7 million in rewards and they have over 1.5 million members since they opened back in 2005. I only mention this because it shows that Fusion Cash has potential.

Fusion Cash doesn’t do paid to read e-mails or offer paid to click ads. Fusion Cash is solely a sign up bonus site that only offers paid to sign up offers. Since Fusion Cash pays you to sign up on offers, the only way to make money with Fusion Cash is by taking a risk on your end. You do this by signing up on trial offers or putting in your name and e-mail address to a website and risk getting called by a number of companies trying to sell you stuff.

The downfall of trial offers is that if you forget to cancel, you usually will have to pay a hefty fee that is a lot larger than the sign up bonus Fusion Cash gave you. This doesn’t mean that Fusion Cash is a bad company to join, I just want to make sure you understand this is the only way you can make money with Fusion Cash.

Fusion Cash claims they have hundreds of paid to sign up offers. That may be true, but it isn’t always easy for us the members to sign up on a lot of them. This is because not all the offers are free or trial offers. In my experience, free offers and trial offers are the best ones to take advantage of because you usually never lose any money except have to pay for shipping and handling. The sign up bonus covers that expense anyway.

One of the things I do like about Fusion Cash is that they offer to pay their members through direct deposit, check, or Paypal. I always like the paid to sign up companies that offer more than one way to get paid. Once you sign up with Fusion Cash and sign up on a few offers, which you’ll get tired of very quickly, you’ll want to start sharing your Fusion Cash referral link with your friends and family. This is what you get for referring others:

  • If you refer a friend and they just confirm their e-mail, you’ll make $1.00.
  • After the friend you refer completes their first offer, you’ll make $2.00.
  • Once your friend earns the required minimum to cash out, you’ll make $5.00. This isn’t just once, but you’ll make $5.00 every time your referral cashes out for life!

You can see by referring just one member to Fusion Cash can potentially earn you residual commission for life. This is always a good thing to work towards.

**Disclaimer – Affiliate links are used on this post.


  1. kegnum says:

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