Reaches over $2,000.00 in Sign Up Bonuses!

Make money at Sign Up and Make Money!I’m pretty excited about this. When I started the site back in the beginning of 2008, I only had $100.00 in sign up bonuses to get the site started. I didn’t think I would find too many more sites that pay their members sign up bonuses for registering.

Well, one year later there are over $2,000.00 in sign up bonuses on the site. I only add sites that make sense and look like they are legit. Grant it, there are a lot of sites to sign up on and it is a little bit tough keeping track of all of them. But my hopes are to make the leading resource/authority in sites that pay their members to sign up with them.

I got it now where I’ll accept other people’s affiliate links if they can find a legitimate site that is not already posted at Signupandmakemoney. I’ll add it to the list and they will receive free traffic to that affiliate link for a lifetime. I’ll even sign up under them for recommending the site to me.