Free Money Team is a recommended Downline Builder

Free Money Team - A free downline builder to use.Free Money Team is a free down line builder I highly recommend. Free Money Team has been around for a little over a year and I really like their set up. Free Money Team isn’t one of those down line builders that are constantly updating their links because they generally will chose good Companies to add to their sign up list.

With Free Money Team you’ll be able to promote good standing paid to click sites, paid for free sites, free traffic sites, and one of your own recommended sites. I promote my paid to sign up site at Free Money Team as my one recommended site to advertise.

Basically, how down line builders work is you first update all your referral links in your back office. You will be signing up under the person who referred you to Free Money Team on any website you currently are not a member of. Once you have all your links updated appropriately, then you will be ready to promote your Free Money Team referral link.

This is the beauty of down line builders. You only promote one link, get one person to sign up under you, then that person will have to update all of their free affiliate links before they will be ready to promote their own Free Money Team referral link. It kind of forces someone to sign up with a website they normally wouldn’t sign up on.

With Free Money Team I currently have over 100 referrals and over 40 second tier referrals. You can earn off both levels. If someone you refer doesn’t update all their links properly and gets a sign up, that referral will be forced to sign up under you because your first tier referral didn’t update all their referral links properly.

If you like the concept of down line builders like Free Money Team, then take a look at my recommended free down line builders and see if you can find one that fits your needs to the max.

**Disclaimer – Affiliate links are used on this post.