Paid to Read Email Sites

An oversized piggy bank with a black dollar sign on it.

These sites are great for paying you to read e-mails You can also advertise on these sites for next to nothing in cost and good good results. An average cost for 1,000 clicks to your website is usually less than $2.00. Some paid to read e-mail sites will delete your account for not being active. The sites listed below will not. That's why they are on my list. Stay organized with all the sites you sign up on at this site.

Just to let you know, you will receive a lot of e-mails from these paid to read e-mail sites and most earnings per e-mail read will be less than 1 cent each. A separate e-mail account is recommended.

Make sure to download RoboForm, this will make it very easy to register with all the sites!

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