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Reality-Networkers is a matrix type business opportunity where all you have to do to succeed is just refer 5 paid members. Once you have accomplished referring 5 people, then your goal is to help everyone below you to refer just 5 paid members each. That is why I like this company so much. You, as an upline member, don't get paid unless the people below you are get paid referrals into the business. So naturally you are going to want to do everything you can to help the people below you succeed. Comments on Reality-Networkers.

The business itself is very inexpensive because it only costs a one time payment of $25.00 to be a member for life. Once you sign up with Reality-Networkers, you get 2 weeks to try out the business and decide whether or not you want to upgrade and pay the one-time $25.00 fee. You can make your $25.00 back very easily by going to my main sign up bonus page and signing up with the Companies that pay you to sign up!

How to log into your Reality-Networker's backoffice

To log into your Reality-Networkers back office, remember the user name and password you used when you signed up. From the back office you'll be able to get the autoresonder e-mails you'll need to successfully convince the members you enroll for the free trial to upgrade and all the other training materials you'll need to succeed online.

How to get your first 5 paid members

Just visit my online advertising page to get free visitors. On this page you'll be able to get over 1 million visitors to your Reality-Networker's affiliate link. After you do this and you still feel like you need help. Just send me an e-mail explaining that you need further help getting your first 5 Reality-Networker referrals and I'll put your referral link on my website to help you get your first 5 paid members.